Moon Cresta was one of the games that I loved as a kid.  The cabinet is not much to look at but the game play is great!  This was quite high on my list of "wants" when I got into collecting classic arcade machines.  I've had this machine for a few years now and I still like to play it.  The only real restoration work that I performed was to replace the t-moldings, re-finish the coin door, and put on a new control panel overlay, and some new buttons.  Take a look, she's a real player!

TThe marquee is in flawless condition...

The cardboard bezel is in perfect condition.  This was the best part of the machine!  There is no warping or fading of the colors.  Try to find a replacement for that...

There is nothing like a fresh control panel overlay and some shiny new buttons to dress up a machine.



Here are a few screen shots

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