Our House

Our house is an Eastlake Victorian house built in 1875.  This style was named after a British writer - Charles Lock Eastlake - who wrote Hints on Household Taste in Furniture, Upholstery and Other Details , in 1868, which became immediately influential to U.S. furniture makers and architects. Furniture, hardware and metalwork was characterized by the use of basic geometric designs, parallel groove carving, "spoon" carving (looks like leaves carved out of a flat surface by a sharpened spoon), and burled veneer highlights. The exterior of the house has not changed much since the house was originally built.  Here is a picture of the front of the house taken this past Fall.








Here is a picture of the top of the house taken from outer space... (sorry, I just had to throw that in...)



The Interior

This is my attempt at a floor plan for the 1st floor.  (Okay, so I need to take some mechanical drawing classes) Keep in mind that the Vestibule is the front of the house.


The First Floor

The Vestibule:  4 X 9  This is one untouched little room that shows craftsmanship at it's finest.  I'm looking very forward to restoring this room.  It won't take much and it will look great.

The Reception Hall:  30 X 9  This is more of a room than a hall.  Without a doubt, this room sets the tone for the rest of the house.  The first time I walked into this house, this was the first room that I saw and it was love at first sight.  The hall has a heavy oak chair rail with deep recessed panels that wraps the room.  Double sets of 8 foot oak doors invite you to the various room that branch off of it.  Some of the original architectural details are a rather grand carved marble fireplace, archway with ornate plaster corbels, large cove moldings, and a pair of arched doors with etched glass leading to the vestibule. 

The Side Hall: 14 X 5  This hall is an extension of the Reception Hall.  It holds the main staircase (Heavy carved English oak) a large closet, an entrance to the Basement, a side entrance to the house and a powder room (which was once the Servant's passageway to the Parlor.

The Parlor:  16 X 14  This room was once the most formal and probably the most beautiful room in the house.  This room is where visitors were once seated by the Butler and would wait to be received by the Master and his Wife. There was even a servant's passage way to this room so the servant's could bring guests food and drinks without having to pass through the rest of the house.  The room has heavy crown moldings, a large ceiling medallion, a carved marble fireplace and an arch way with plaster corbels that frame a large oak encased bay window.

The Living Room:  30 X 14  This spacious room once boasted heavy crown moldings and twin ceiling medallions.  These details are no longer present, but will be replaced when the room is renovated later this year.  The room does still have four sets of tall double windows with 9-foot oak encasements.  The room had a carved polished black slate fireplace that was unfortunately beyond restoration, but has since been replaced with a faithful Victorian mahogany mantle with original Victorian tile.

The Dining Room:  17 X 13  The Dining room still has most of it's original architectural details still intact. Original hardwood floors, heavy plaster crown moldings, a ceiling medallion, twin built-in china closets, and a 19th century black crystal chandelier.  The room has a chair rail and wainscoting, but we believe that the wainscoting is not original. Mainly, because it is covering a fireplace (fireplace #5) that once existed in the room.  (yes, we plan to put the fireplace back)

The Kitchen:  21 X 14  The kitchen is quite large as it is actually a combination of two rooms, the kitchen and the former Butler's Pantry.  While we love anything original, I think we love the big kitchen even better.  This is one modification we can live with!   There is a very large fireplace that used to house the wood burning stove that the servant's used for cooking.  Today it appropriately holds our gas stove. There is also a Servant's staircase leading to the second floor.  The appliances are modern which is a good thing.  We plan to renovate the kitchen in a couple years when the rest of the interior is up to speed.


 The Second Floor

Bedroom #1:  15 X 14  Wide plank wood floors, crown moldings, original picture rails, twin closets.  We recently discovered a fireplace (fireplace #6) that had been covered over.  We will be restoring that when we renovate the room.  There is also a passageway to the adjacent bedroom.  We believe that this was once the Nursery.  We plan to make it a dressing room, as part of a master suite.

Bedroom #2:  13 X 9  Wide plank wood floors, very nice crown moldings, original picture rails, alcove

Bedroom #3:  14 X 13  Wide plank wood floors, crown moldings, original picture rails, deep closet

Bedroom #4:  13 X 13  Wide plank wood floors, crown moldings, very nice crown moldings, large, deep closet

Bedroom #5:  17 X 12  Wide plank wood floors, crown moldings, original picture rails, closet that passes through to adjacent bedroom and another recently discovered fireplace (fireplace #7) that had been covered over. This will also be restored when the room gets renovated.

Bedroom #6:  14 X 13  Wide plank wood floors, crown moldings, original picture rails, closet, and yet another recently discovered fireplace (fireplace #8) that had been covered over. This will also be restored when the room gets renovated.

Bath:  Needs total renovation, but functional for now.


The Third Floor

Bedroom #7:  17 X 12  Simple bedroom with a closet

Bedroom #8:  16 X 12  Simple bedroom, no closet

Cedar Storage Room: 17 X 15 This room is made of solid cedar, including the ceiling.  This was used to store clothing, as moths are repelled by the smell of cedar.

Storage Area:  This is the "Attic" area.  Simply HUGE!  Amazing layout.  We hope to add a bathroom up here and make it into a very grand Master Suite.



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