The Secret Clubhouse

Some time ago, the master staircase reached a point where it was no longer safe.  I might be brave taking on some things, but in this case, I felt it was time to call in the pros.  When the staircase guy came he informed me the in order to rebuild the staircase, he would need full access to it from underneath.  In our case there was a small bathroom there, so out it came... (you can read more about the staircase fix here)


This picture shows what used to be the back wall of the little bathroom.  Notice the space behind the back wall (3 vertical boards).  I needed to replace a cracked panel (which would be behind the back wall on the right in this picture).  So, I removed the old one and made a copy using the original as a template.  When I was sitting in this little cubby space, installing the panel, I thought about how much I would have loved discovering a space like this, when I was a kid.  So, I installed spring loaded hinges on the panel and made a secret door.   


I left the panel closed for years.  The idea was that I would let my daughter discover it one day on her own.  And one day it happened.  She was playing in the hallway when she pressed on the secret door and it opened.  She was thrilled!  It was a secret space all her own.  Within minutes she had moved a bunch of toys and other kid stuff in there and had full intentions of claiming it as her own.


Well, it was dark and dingy in there, and I couldn't see letting her play in there like that, so a good friend of mine and I squeezed in there and went to work.  We put in smooth walls, moldings, rope lighting (wires all burried, with a big rubber push button switch that is perfect for little hands)  We went on to paint it her favorite color (yellow) and put down some nice wall to wall carpeting. 


Much better and safer.  It's actually very cozy and comfortable.  (if you are under three feet tall)


Once it was furnished, even the baby got in on the act.  Now they use the secret clubhouse every day.  Makes for a great game of Hide and Seek.



Close the door and it all disappears in plain sight!  Pretty cool eh?


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